Tuesday, September 24, 2013

September on the Farm

      SO much has happened since my last post, I was afraid I wasn't going to have any more chickens to blog about.  At the beginning of this month, the weather here was VERY hot and VERY humid.  I don't know what happened, but I was losing one chicken every day for a while.  Out of all of the 25 chickens I had, I only have 9 left.  Granted, five were re homed to a friend's to live the farm life with sheep and all.  The three silkie roosters were re homed and ended back where they were hatched (interestingly enough).  So then, out of the 17 I had left, 8 died...Now I have 2 Mottled Houdans (Half Pint & Domino), the original 3 Columbian Wyandottes (Angel, Elisabeth, and Joan), 1 Blue Maran (Skye), 1 Golden Polish (Labelle), 1 Paint Silkie, and 1 EE (Bandit).

       Half Pint is now full-sized pullet forher age.  Before Clover passed, it took a moment to realize which was which.  Looks like Angel is a roo and will probably be bred with the two pullets.  Bandit is also a cockerel and will be bred to a few pullets close to the same coloring as he, and one that I call a buff head colored white.  Very pretty!  I hope to get some of similar color in the eggs.  One can only hope.  :)  

         In any case, I also want more Maran hens.  I don't really want to breed them, but she lays well.  She just started laying, and she has given me 7 in the last 9 days.  Excellent layer.  I will probably get one or two more Marans, too.  The Marans are a sweet breed that are very social.  The social aspect is why I love them so.  I don't plan on breeding the Polish, but he still makes an excellent lawn ornament, so I doubt I'll be getting rid of him.  

Domino holding strong

One of the RIR mixes that was re homed


Clover (The last casualty, RIP)

A picture of the gang

Skye's first egg!  And the butt it came from....

I believe this is the third egg she layed.

I think this is Elisabeth.  
Joan and Elisabeth are hard to tell apart now adays.


Painted Silkie


Half Pint and Labelle

A Quada-riety (variety of four)


Angel and 

Bandit.  Not sure what happened to his beautiful tail feathers...  :(



Look at the difference in the tail feathers!

Elisabeth (left) and Joan (right)


The makeshift did not pan out.  Not unexpected, so mleh!
The RIR roosters are now living the free range life at a friend's farm.
Yang perished with half of my old flock.  :'-(

The lost are listed as follows:

Mottled Houdans

Golden Laced Polish
Lady Marmalade

Little Henny

Black Copper Marans