Monday, September 19, 2016

Getting some things done

Fall is here! Shhh! Fall is here! I don't care what you say, Fall is here! Look... The first day of Fall is in 3 days. Let me have my moment.

Okay, check it out. About this time every year, I thin out my Flock. Well, this year is no different. In all, I have 32 chickens, 4 turkeys, 4 geese, and a duck. This is after I sold several chickens. I'm trying to sell 6 chicks from a "grab special" at a farm store I bought a week ago. I already sold a dozen, so I'm not completely put out here. I also have a pair of Blue Ameraucanas and a Blue Wheaton cockerel from a prominent show breeder. I sold 10 chickens over the weekend, and now I have 32. As for the geese, I need to sell two or three, a pair or trio, if you will. The problem lies in there not being a market for them. They are good alert geese. I will give the ad another week before taking it down and trying again in the Spring. I love my geese, and I don't want to sell, but I need a pen too. Hubs needs to fix my coop and set up a huge run so the fox won't get them. (Yeah, we have several foxes around here.)

(Pictured above) The Cornish Rock Pullet, the two Barred Rock ladies, two Polish, a Black Copper Marans hen and a Bantam EE have been sold. We still have all others.

(Pictured below) My Ameraucanas. I am focusing on the White variety, so I'm selling the Blue pair. You will also spot the three layers pullets from a replacement order: Elsa the White Rock, Anna the Red Sexlink,  and Laserbeak the Barred Rock. I did not name them.

(Pictured below) is my front yard minus the fat chicken. You see my delimma? No run, too many lost feathers and poop. A whole Lotta nope going on right now.

(Pictured below) The most recent haul to the feed store. Who would have thought such small animals eat so much. 😉

On to other news, here are some chicks, goats, and a cow selfie.