Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Not much new

Not much new happening with the flocks.  The young-ons are growing up, the old-ons are still consistently laying, and I'm getting about three different shades of eggs (green, tinted, and white). 

Ravyne is sneaking around the corner.
 One of the Wonder Twins

 Salmon Faverolle

 Grouped around the watering hole.  I'm still not sure what the little white girl is.  Some one on BYC says if she has some amber coloring, then she could be an Amber-Link.

Cute chicks hanging out in the shade.

I got the smallest egg ever!  This egg is even smaller than Poof's egg.  You now.  The Silkie?
 This is the smallest egg next to Poof's egg.
 And this is what was inside it.  I just fried it up and gave it to Rose.  She enjoyed it.
 To accent exactly how small, this is the smallest egg next to an extra large egg laid by one of the Red Sex-Links.

My largest cache of eggs yet!  WOOT! WOOT!
 We have recently changed the bedding from pine shavings to grass hay.  My layers seem to like it.

This is a pretty good close-up of my newest OE.  I'm not sure how old she is, but she's older than the Black Copper Marans (BCM) and the white girl.  The little white Pullet is the last of her flock.  The others were sold, and she seemed to have taken up with the OE and BCMs.  I'll call her Luna, I think...  She's the shining star among the dark sky.  (Leave me alone with my cliche!)

It's been a while since I've posted pictures of my large coop.  I open the doors when I go out in the mornings, and they don't close until I go out in the evening to find them all roosting.  For the most part, my guys free range all day.

This guy, Red, has been rehomed with an all-hen flock.

Three of my girls were getting pretty ruffled...  or ragged.  In any case, I ordered some hen saddles (a.k.a. chicken aprons) and it seems to be doing the trick.  I hope the girls will be able to take them off in the next couple of weeks or so.  I just hope they don't have to worry about having to put it back on...

Labelle is sporting a quilted pattern.

Joan is sporting a cute little sparkled purple.

Elisabeth is so cute in her butterflies pattern.

I think Ravyne is a little jealous.  O.o

I thought Ravyne looked jealous!  sheesh!

The ducks are getting older, and it's about time to be looking for duck eggs.  Donald is getting his hormones on and breeding (or trying) with Nemo and one of the KC girls.