Sunday, June 15, 2014

I'm down to 26!

....  and welcome to da coop!
Stuff's gettin' real up in this joint!  No, really...  We be doin' chicken maf up N hur!  Alright, I'm giving myself a headache from this slang.

I am currently down to 26 chickens, soon to be down to 24 and back up to 28.  I started out with 28 last week, but I sold Ravyne and a Salmon Faverolle, bringing me down to 26.

I will soon sell the little Polish cockerel  and the GLW , putting me down to 24, and in a little over a week (8 days to be precise), I will have added my four new chicks from McMurray Hatchery (three Phoenix and an EE).  Of course you'd be crazy to think it's the end of it.  Poof  is broody and is currently sitting on a clutch of 6 OE eggs.  Any chicks that will hatch are probably not going to stay.  I may keep one pullet, but that would be it.

I bought two marans (came home with three) and it turns out that two of the three are actually Olive Eggers.  I'm going to keep one, the one with the copper .  He's beautiful!  I am undecided on what to do with the other one .  I'm pretty sure it's a cockerel, though I have been fooled before.

I haven't had any fatalities yet (praise God), and I pray that my fortune won't change.  So what about the rest of the chickens?  Most of them have names now.  Don't get me wrong, I still have a few nameless.  I just haven't found the right ones for them that stick.

Angel with the blue OE behind her.  The OE is pretty curious why Angel gets so close to me.  I guess she just doesn't understand me like Angel does.  

Bandit is currently the only rooster covering all the hens.  He's the only boy big enough to cover any girls. Once my OE cockerel is old enough, I will have two, but I do not plan on having any more than that.

My beautiful Barred Rock.  She and Angel are probably two of my most friendly.


Nameless EE

 Chemi.  This is her happy face.

 Dora.  She explores.

Random flock pictures.

 This is my entire young flock.  They consist of the two OE cockerels, the Maran, Angel, a Barred Rock, two New Hampshire Reds I call the Wonder Twins (more on them later), the blue OE, Duchess the unknown white, the GLW, and the little Polish.

Labelle!  Every one loves Labelle. She rocks!

 Blue OE
 She's a little different than the other blue OE I sold.  Her body is about the same shade, but her head is dark.  I think she's beautiful, and I'm happy with her. 

 This is a good picture of Duchess and the black Maran.  Duchess is the white girl, and I'm still not sure what breed she is.

One of the Salmon Faverolles.  I think this is the one I sold, though I can't be completely sure.  Both are fairly photogenic... 

 Spaz is looking more and more beautiful every day.  I love her color, and I just can't wait for the eggs!  I really hope they are a really pretty blue.

Poof can see clearly now the rain is gone.

 These two beautiful reds are the Wonder Twins.  They are New Hampshire Reds, and they are never far apart from one another.  I was going back and forth between selling them, and I decided not to do so.

Last little note!  One of my mom's girls just recently hatched her very first chick.  The egg came from me, which is why I'm so proud and bragging about it.  The chicks is undoubtedly the product between one of my Columbian Wyandottes (Joan or Elisabeth) and Bandit.  It is the cutest little small-fry!  The best part?  It's a she!