Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Makeshift? I say Make that Shift.

Fishing expedition with Memaw Linda and the kids.  
We decided to take Yang with us to show Memaw Linda,
and it turned out Yang is an excellent fishing charm.  :)

The two RIR mixed roosters and one of the Production Reds

The group taking their dirt bath. 

Some free ranging for the chickies.

If you look real close in the next couple of pictures,
you'll see Half Pint laying in the feed bowl eating out of it.
The bigger rooster on the left is Athos, and Porthos is the
smaller of the two roosters.  Aramis disappeared and never
returned.  They were the three roosters I got earlier this month.
I named them after the Three Musketeers.  Apparently, Aramis
didn't think believe in "One for All" enough to come back.

Clover and Porthos.  Sky, named so since my mother
didn't appreciate "Big Blue." is the blue Maran.


Aramis and the two Production Reds

Little Henny is the newest addition to the coop.  
She is the cutest little small fry.

Elisabeth just set her beak on Little Henny.  No pecking, just setting it there.

Poor Little Henny kept getting picked on by the
older chickens.

I know...  "Where did Lady Marmalade's poof go?"  
Well...  She wasn't holding her head up right, so 
I had to cut it off....

Bandit is getting some long tail feathers.  
I think "She" may in fact be a "He."

I'm trying this out as an experiment.  I know it probably won't work, 
but it's something I kind of wanted to do just to see if it will work.
Laugh.  Go ahead....  Laugh.  :)
The eggs get turned at least twice a day, depending on if my 
children decide to help me that day.  :eye roll:

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

First Crows, New Friends

This week proved to be a new mile stone for Domino.  He started crowing!  It's so funny!  I have been trying to get his crows on video, alas, he starts posing...   All those pictures are on my husband's phone, so I'll have to add them later.  I do have a couple of pictures of Labelle's first free-range experience, and Terra helping me out in the coop.  I also have some video, but that's a YouTube thing.  I'll post the links at the end.

 Yang prefers to stand under my feet where it's safe.

Over the weekend, I got three new adult Road Island Red  cross roosters.  I let them go in our large pen (too small be be called a pasture, really, but that's what I refer to it as).  They disappeared for a full day.  When they came back, I literally chased them through the woods, under a barbed wire fence (which I managed to get around without damaging myself), around my property, and across the road.  I had to chase them through another barbed wire fence.  This time, I wasn't so lucky.  I have a deep scratch on my back and torn clothes as a result, BUT it turned out to be a great exercise for me.  Luckily, I caught two.  The third has yet to come back, but I haven't given up on him yet.  I've named them the three musketeers.  Athos and Porthos are the ones in my coop.  Aramis is currently missing.


Thursday, August 8, 2013

It's a New Day

     I try to sit out with my chickens every day to keep them social and friendly, and it gives me an opportunity to check everyone over and make sure no one is sick or acting oddly.  I've been meaning to get some pictures of everyone for a while now, and I finally had a camera with me to get some.

     A little background info: The youngest group will be 8 weeks old tomorrow.  The younger French Black Copper Marans are around 9 weeks old (not sure when their birthday was), the darker Silkies are around 14 weeks old, the paint Silkie is around 10 weeks.  The French Blue Copper Maran is approx 23 weeks old.  Big Blue (the Blue Maran) should be giving me her first egg soon.

Left: Bandit was the mystery chick I got from Murray McMurray Hatchery.  She is a little flighty, but will sit on anyone who will sit out in the coop with her.
Right: Elisabeth is the middle-sized Columbian Wyandotte.  She and the other two are also flighty, but won't shy from a petting once she decides to jump on you.

Left: I think I only have one rooster in the Mottled Houdan bunch.  I bought seven (2 roosters and 5 hens) originally, but one died in the first week.  Domino is the only one showing any bright red anywhere, and he's the only one growing in his comb.
Right:  I'm very popular when food and water are not on the forefront of their minds.

Left:  Sometimes I'm very popular
Right:  My two Polish.  I purchased two hens, but polish are so difficult to sex at an early age, it's never a guarantee.  A friend of mine helped me name the rooster.  He said that the rooster looks like Patti Labelle.  Well, his name is now Labelle.  The hen is Lady Marmalade

The Houdan hens thought their time to shine has occured.
Left: Yin (left) and Yang (middle) became very curious
Right: Elisabeth is just roaming around

Left:  Bandit decided to rejoin the party
Right: DOMINO!

Domino has just recently started perching, and I was happy to note he is very photogenic.

Left:  Labelle is ready for his close-up

Left:  Sweet Feather of the Houdan Hens.
Right: Yang said hey.

Left:  Feather
Right: Domino.  He gets up close and personal.  He has no sense of personal space.

Lady Marmalade, "You may look, but don't touch."

Left:  Domino again
Right: Feather

Left: Feather is one of the two refined Houdan Hens.  She is sweet, doesn't mind being touched, but she refuses to push anyone out of her way.  She is more than happy to wait her turn.
Right:  One of the French Black Copper Marans.  I am trying to figure out if he is a rooster or a hen.  I am leaning more rooster since the comb and waddle are a bit more on the red side than the other one that is the same age.

Black Maran (Roo?)

French Black Copper Maran hen, without a doubt.  Her comb is a fleshy pink, and she has hen saddle back feathering.

Left:  Black Maran hen
Right:  Chicken Photo Bomb!

Left:  Houdan Hens Clover (left), Yin (middle), and Feather (right)
Right:  Half Pint, the fourth Houdan Hen, is staying out of the way.  Because she isn't growing like the others, she tends to get picked on so she tries to stay away from the bigger ones during an active time.

Left: Top view of the Houdans
Right: Labelle showing off his plumage

Left:  Elisabeth
Right: Angel (the most shy of the Wyandottes)

Left: Labelle
Right:  I think that's Half Pint finally coming over for some inquisitive time.

They just don't give a cluck!

Left:  Still no cluck given
Right:  Big Blue decided to make her presence known, though she goes no where near me.  One of the blue silkies is foraging for something to eat.

Feather.  She's marvelous.

Left:  Feather
Right:  Guess what.  Chicken Butt!

Yang and Domino were checking themselves out, so I snapped a couple of photos


Left:  Domino loves the camera.
Right:  Labelle (left) and Lady Marmalade (right)

Left: Lady Marmalade decided to join the party
Right:  Black Maran (roo?)

Left:  Well, I was trying to get pictures of the black Silkie, but I got chicken bombed by Yang
Right:  Black Silkie

Left: Lady Marmalade and one of the blue Silkies
Right:  Black Silkie

Left:  Blue Silkie number 2 (maybe hen?)
Right: Blue Silkie number 1 (maybe roo?)  I haven't been able to tell the difference between the two blue Silkies for a while, so it's just a guess right now as to which is which.

Left: Clover
Right: Top view of Clover's plume

Left:  Black Maran (roo?)
Right:  Half Pint measured against the others who are the same age

Two Blue Silkies.  I wonder of the Blue on the right thinks she's part goose.  LOL

More pictures of the black maran roo(?)

The paint Silkie was getting aggravated at me.  It was getting too close to bed time, and she was tired of me sitting there.

Left:  I know, it looks like Big Blue is hiking her leg.  ;)  Paint was getting nervous of the camera in her face.
Right: Dot one of the Speckled Sussex and (you guessed it) Domino

Left: The other Sussex Polka, Bandit was perched and happy, and Angel likes to look out.
Right:  The black Silkie

Left:  Black Silkie

 Just taking pictures of chicken feet.  Ask why.  Go ahead, ask why....  CHICKEN THIGH!
On a more serious note, I wanted to show off the fifth toes of the Houdans, the feathered feet of the French Marans, and the skin pigmentations between the different breeds.  I would have had pictures of Columbian Wyandotte feet, but NO, Elisabeth didn't want to cooperate...

Left:  Big Blue
Right:  Another shot of the Houdan Feet.  Actually, this pair belongs to Half Pint.  Since she isn't growing at the same rate as the others, you may note that she doesn't have a lot of freckling.

Left:  Lady Marmalade's feet
Right:  One of the blue Silkie legs.  You can't see their feet because the feathering is so thick, but the skin is black and no fifth toe

The Paint decided to come back.

Left:  Paint
Right:  Lady Marmalade

The two blue Silkies posing