Thursday, July 25, 2013

Next Day

   The day after the chicks were added, my mother and I went out and sat with them.  We figured out the chicks are much more social than we thought and traded popularity between my mother and I.

Coop Additions

   The young ones, with exception of Domino, Yang, and Half Pint, have been added to the coop, and here are the pictures of their first few minutes.  Domino has since been added to the coop, but Half Pint is still too small to add, and she doesn't like to be alone so Yang is keeping her company for now in the house.  If she doesn't grow big enough, she may be a permanent house pet.  ;)  Enjoy the pictures.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Chicks Day Out

The babies have been spending their days outside and were able to play in the grass for a little bit. They said that it is only relaxing with adult supervision. ;). I also took some pictures the babies in coop.
My 20 week old blue copper maran: Dawn

2 Silkies: Black


Rose and Yang
Yin and Yang

Elisabeth's back end and Angel (One of the Black Copper
Marans beside Elisabeth)

Polka (Speckled Sussex)

Polka and Dot

Paint Silkie and Flower
Flower and Paint (back of Bandit)

Yang and Joan behind him

Domino (left) and Yang (Right)

Domino and Yang (Clover in the back)

Elisabeth (Left), Yang (Middle), and Bandit (Right)


One of the Black Marans


The Group

 Karma wanted to check them out