Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The First Days of Spring

The animals have been enjoying the first days of Spring so much, they can't quite contain themselves.  The ducklings have been moved outside, the chicks are all in the outside brooder, and Oreo is going NUTS!

Oreo is growing! Just, by goodness, look at the difference of him standing next to Terra in the last post vs this picture here with her.  WOW!   We are working on weaning him, but he doesn't quite want to work with me.

The Donkeys are being about normal.  It's about time for the farrier to come out and do his thing once again, though they will hopefully be rehomed soon to make room for more livestock.

They have been lonely, I think.  They were used to being around livestock, and they act like a kid getting thrown candy at a parade when horses walk past.  They like to bray at the neighboring cattle in the mornings.  They don't try to get out of their fence or anything, but I can see what they want.

 The dogs are enjoying the sun too.  I don't have any of Loretta and Poppet since they don't get along with the fowl.  They are hounds!  Of course they don't get along with them.  Sadly, the rabbit dog only wants to eat rabbit poop....  gross....

Freckles is the most photogenic, but maybe more will follow.  If only I could start him in herding.  He has the instinct and drive.

You haven't seen the latest duck pictures yet (most likely), so here are a few to get you started.  A couple are no longer with me.  I sold all but two of the Sweet Emilys, and one I had started having seizures she never recovered from.  The other SE turned out to be a Buff, so I have two!  WOOT!  I am okay with it because they are just SOOO beautiful.  You just cannot fully appreciate their beauty until you see them in person.  The duckling replacements came in, and everyone survived from the shipment.  I sold the two replacement KCs, and I kept the Cayuga (6 weeks old now).  As of right now, I have a Cayuga, four Khaki Campbells, two Buffs, and two Pekins.  The Pekins, there were originally three named Hewey, Dewey, and Louie,  were given to me by a friend of a friend.  It was a necessary outcome, so they were here.  They were accepted easily into my larger duckling flock.  I have found homes who may appreciate them a little better and give them more time and affection.  With all of them, I had eleven ducklings, ten after Emily passed away.  I only intend to keep the Buffs, KCs, and Cayuga because I don't have room for them all.  

 We have a lot of ducks.  

So you have seen the newer flock of ducklings, but what about the Disney Ducks?  Well, you saw a few of them up top with Freckles, but surely you want some GOOD pictures.   
Of course you do. 

Snow White (the rescue) has good days and bad.  I have discovered her favorite places to bask in the sun, one of which is on a pallet, stradling a board so she can stretch out her legs without putting weight on them.  She is only fed once a day to keep her weight down in order to keep her legs from straining too badly.  She still enjoys a good swim, and she still uses her wings for crutches.

Nemo is the same as always.  Clumsy but agile.  If I were to describe her with one word, it would be "determined."  She always gets where she is going, and when she flips over, she doesn't give up until she is set right again.

Chickens get to get out and peck no matter if it is hot or cold, wet or dry.  They get out and get muddy as easily as the dogs do.

I have been getting eggs like crazy from them!  I have been getting between eight and ten eggs a day out of my currently 16 adult hens.

I have some chicks in the brooder too, BTW.    These include five Barred Rock pullets and a Red (probably Production, but I'm not certain) pullet that are 6 weeks old.  There are two Tolbunt Polish chicks, a cockerel and a pullet (YES! ) that are about 5 or 6 weeks old, and four F2 (2nd Gen) Olive Eggers around 4 weeks old.  I'm a little chicken crazy, but we already knew this.

Even with everything I have now, there is more to come.......  Until next time.