Thursday, July 31, 2014

Person reference: Age

This blog post is more for my reference than public information.  This is my way of keep up with how old my chicks are and when they are expected to lay.


Poof turned a year old in May.

The first order of chicks that I ever made turned a year old in June.
First Order: Bandit, Joan, Elisabeth, Labelle, Chemi, 

Splash OE is about 34 weeks old or so.  She's been laying for a while.  I bought her on February 14, and she was about 12 weeks old at the time of purchase.

Many, if not all the chicks received from McMurray and Meyer hatcheries in February are already laying, but their ages are 25 weeks old.  The McMurray Hatchery chicks will be 26 weeks old on Friday, and the Meyer Hatchery chicks will be 26 weeks old on Saturday.

McMurray: Jersey

Meyer: Buttercup, Red, Spaz, Calamity Jane, Faverolle, Dora, 

Angel is 22 weeks old and will be 23 weeks old on Monday.  She should start laying in about another week or so.

Barbara the Barred Rock is 22 weeks old.  I'm not sure of her hatchday, but I bought her on March 7, and she was about a week old, give or take a day or two.  She should also be laying shortly.

The two New Hampshire Reds (a.k.a. The Wonder Twins) were bought on March 22.  They are about 19 weeks old.  I assume they were about a week old when I bought them, so I figure they would be about 20 weeks old tomorrow.

Duchess the supposed White Leghorn is about 16 weeks old.  We have at least another 7 more weeks before we get an egg from her.

The Maran and the OE cockerel (a.k.a. Cluck Norris) were bought from a local at the same time.  I guess they were hatched at the same time since the OE boy was mistaken for a Maran.  Blue, the younger OE pullet I have, was also bought at the same time, and I also think she was hatched at the same time.  Sadly, I don't have any way to reference how old they were when I bought them on May 11, though I had been talking to her since May 2.  If I assume they were a week old when I started the conversation, then they were two weeks old when I bought them.  That would mean they are 13 weeks old and will be 14 weeks old tomorrow.

Then, of course, there's Runt.  He was the last Golden Laced Wyandotte hatched that had a "rough navel."  He is doing okay, though he has a curled toe, and will not be sold.  He will probably just be a pet until he becomes aggressive to people.  He has no place in any breeding that will be taking place, so if he does become aggressive, he will just go in my freezer.  I have no emotional attachment to him, so he may end up in the freezer anyway.

Don't forget about the chicks that Poof is raising!
McMurray: EE girl and the two Phoenixes. June 20 (6 weeks tomorrow)
Lavendar Orpington - June 27 (5 weeks tomorrow)
Livewire - June 30 (4 weeks)
Blue OE/Bandit - July 3 (4 weeks)


So how old are the ducks?  Old enough to give me some eggs. I've been getting eggs pretty frequently lately.  Yesterday and today I got two eggs (one large and one little bigger than the largest chicken egg).  I'll be happiest when I start getting three eggs.  Then we'll be baking with duck eggs.  <G>

Donald and Nemo are a little older than 23 weeks old. Huey, Dewey, and Louie are about 20 weeks old.  When I bought Daisy and Dory, I was told they were a year old.  I don't know how old they are.  Even though she said they were a year old, it took me a long time before I got an egg out of them.  

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