Monday, July 20, 2015

Chickens to Hatch, For Sale, What We Have (Chicken wise)

Our current numbers as of right now holds at 39 chickens.  This includes chicks and layers.  The problem I am facing is lack of room. Why? I have too many non-layers with more coming.

 Art and one of his lady friends.

Up for the night

29 in the 'bator! All are showing signs of life. 

There is also an order of chicks coming in two weeks.  My, oh my.

This is where the "For Sale" comes in.  The first on the list are the several cockerels. I have 4 known roosters, and only about 23 laying hens.  The numbers are bad, so two are up for sale. Add in one a few weeks old, and a possible other the same age, but not certain yet on the sex, but both are listed for sale.

The 7 bantams are around eight weeks old-ish.... I listed three for sale.

If I lose all the ones for sale, that will bring my total count down to 32. Those four little babies the Phoenix hatched are going to be grown out to see what colors I get. I'm going to try to sell all the chicks that hatch out of the incubator. Maybe if I don't end up putting them under Myrtle.  It looks like she's trying to go broody again.

.... plus the donkeys get annoyed when the chickens demand their food...

I put Donald and Daisy up for sale too. I have too many ducks, 10 to be precise.If no one buys them or the roos, they will be butchered.

The geese are still too young to sex, though I fear I may have two ganders and only one goose.  If that is the case, I will either have to sell one, buy another girl, or eat him.  Hard choices....

Turkeys are doing well, too. They are still taking up my brooder, and I'm none too happy about it, but we can only do so much on a weekend, I suppose.

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