Tuesday, March 8, 2016

SEG, It's That Time of Year

I have gradually slowed down in my enthusiasm of chicken keeping.  I still have the love of all things farm and country, but I have realized my picture-taking craze and have stopped taking so many.  Sadly, it seems my pictures have nearly stopped completely and will try to remedy that.

December we sold the three Khaki ducks and the same person took Socks.  Socks wasn't getting the attention she needed and deserved, and the couple that bought the KCs were very nice and also had two other bunnies.  I have been keeping track, and she looks very happy in the setting she is in, and I am very pleased with the outcome.  Plus, I have my brooder back for future use.  I placed an order with McMurray for ducks and geese, expected to hatch in May.  I also contacted a reputable show breeder of Ameraucanas, and I have ordered Blue, Blue Wheaton, and Wheaton Ameraucanas, and possibly whites if he gets a good hatch.  I have no clue when they will be coming in because the waiting list was filling up quickly.  No chicks 2016 resolution failed before it ever began.  #NoRegrets

January held little for our farm, only simple maintenance and care, at least where the chickens are concerned.  Meri (or Mary, however you want to spell it) has been bred to Bootsie's brother, Amos.  He's a real jerk, let me tell you, but Meri is a sweet heart.  I'm hoping Meri's temperament will pass to her kids, and I'm hoping her kids will be does (don't count your chickens but crossing fingers).

February was much the same as January for the chickens.  The count is exactly the same since the last post, Meri is probably pregnant since she hasn't come back into heat since her boyfriend left her. On February 20, we were presented with an opportunity I couldn't pass up.  We bought a 5 month old Jersey heifer.  YES!  I got my dream calf!  The seller is very nice, I get tons of information and advice, and, and, AND!  Get this....  This girl (Annabelle) has been worked on being halter broke and trained to tie.  I can mess with her legs, touch her all over, pick up her feet, and she is FINE with it!  Oh man!  I rave over her, I love her so much.  Perfect for a beginner bovine enthusiast such as myself.  She was born October 5, 2015 (turning 5 mo old on Autumn's third birthday *SQWEE*)
Of course we couldn't make her be lonely, so we bought her a  2 week old bull companion we named TBone, soon to be castrated for easy management and to be butchered around 1.5 years old.  
He was born February 14, 2016, still taking the bottle twice a day.
February (cont'd), I brought home some chicks on the 27Th.  They were so cute sitting in Tractor Supply, I just had to get them.  Bantam grab bag!  No pictures, sorry, but I brought home 6, and I know for sure one is a White d'Uccle, one is a Self Blue d'Uccle, one is a Bantam Barred Cochin, and the other three, I have no clue....  Maybe Bantam Welsummer or Bantam Speckled Sussex (though less likely).  I have been doing great at not buying any chicks, but now the dam is open, and there is no stopping the flood....  

March has also brought in chicks....  7 of several breeds on March 3.  Some are 3 weeks old, some are probably closer to 4 weeks old.  Yesterday, I picked up 6 Black Copper Marans chicks.  I'm up to 20.  GO ME! *SEG*   

I might get some pictures if the rain lets up this weekend.  I need to clean the coops when the rains stop, and that needs to come first.  The large coop tends to retain enough water to cake the poop and hay together, creating a yucky flooring that begins to stink.  It's a problem that needs to be fixed eventually, but not a priority.

Ginger (Ms Serious) and Nala (F.K.A. Kat)

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