Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Angel Finds Her Wings

Angel (the lightest of the Columbian Wyandottes) has found her wings and figured out she can perch on the side of the containers of which she stays.  I have had to cover the containers to make sure I don't wake up or come home to a bunch of chicks running around my house and getting lost. 

One of the Mottled Houdans seem to have a stunted growth, so I have named her Half Pint.  She is easily picked out among the others, and since I have noticed the size difference, she hasn't grown much.  The Houdans have begun growing out their top hats, and they are a little comical in their looks, but they are still adorable.

Since I have become addicted to chickens, I have been seeking out some Ameraucanas and Copper Marans.  There was a gentleman who supposedly had some Ameraucana chicks, but alas it didn't pan out as we would have hoped.  Instead, I have been patient and found another gentleman a little farther out but worth the drive who has Copper Marans.  I bought a pair of black Marans (roo and pullet) and a blue pullet.  They are adorable, and the blue is beautiful.  Blue (I don't always get creative when it comes to naming chickens) went straight out in the coop with the Silkies.  Since she was 18 weeks old, I couldn't exactly keep her in my house.  We sat out with her to make sure she was accepted as part of the Hippie Chicks, she asserted her dominance over the Silkies and everything became honky dory, though the silkies tend to run from her like the plague.  They will get used to her, especially after the babies get big enough to join them.  Only 6 more weeks to go!

I have decided to sell the two blue silkies.  I think they are both roos, and I'm pretty sure the black is also a roo.  I don't need three roos and one pullet silkie, and I can't bare the thought of getting rid of Midnight (see?  Not creative at all), since he's the only one that perches on my arm without holding him.

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