Wednesday, August 14, 2013

First Crows, New Friends

This week proved to be a new mile stone for Domino.  He started crowing!  It's so funny!  I have been trying to get his crows on video, alas, he starts posing...   All those pictures are on my husband's phone, so I'll have to add them later.  I do have a couple of pictures of Labelle's first free-range experience, and Terra helping me out in the coop.  I also have some video, but that's a YouTube thing.  I'll post the links at the end.

 Yang prefers to stand under my feet where it's safe.

Over the weekend, I got three new adult Road Island Red  cross roosters.  I let them go in our large pen (too small be be called a pasture, really, but that's what I refer to it as).  They disappeared for a full day.  When they came back, I literally chased them through the woods, under a barbed wire fence (which I managed to get around without damaging myself), around my property, and across the road.  I had to chase them through another barbed wire fence.  This time, I wasn't so lucky.  I have a deep scratch on my back and torn clothes as a result, BUT it turned out to be a great exercise for me.  Luckily, I caught two.  The third has yet to come back, but I haven't given up on him yet.  I've named them the three musketeers.  Athos and Porthos are the ones in my coop.  Aramis is currently missing.


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