Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Makeshift? I say Make that Shift.

Fishing expedition with Memaw Linda and the kids.  
We decided to take Yang with us to show Memaw Linda,
and it turned out Yang is an excellent fishing charm.  :)

The two RIR mixed roosters and one of the Production Reds

The group taking their dirt bath. 

Some free ranging for the chickies.

If you look real close in the next couple of pictures,
you'll see Half Pint laying in the feed bowl eating out of it.
The bigger rooster on the left is Athos, and Porthos is the
smaller of the two roosters.  Aramis disappeared and never
returned.  They were the three roosters I got earlier this month.
I named them after the Three Musketeers.  Apparently, Aramis
didn't think believe in "One for All" enough to come back.

Clover and Porthos.  Sky, named so since my mother
didn't appreciate "Big Blue." is the blue Maran.


Aramis and the two Production Reds

Little Henny is the newest addition to the coop.  
She is the cutest little small fry.

Elisabeth just set her beak on Little Henny.  No pecking, just setting it there.

Poor Little Henny kept getting picked on by the
older chickens.

I know...  "Where did Lady Marmalade's poof go?"  
Well...  She wasn't holding her head up right, so 
I had to cut it off....

Bandit is getting some long tail feathers.  
I think "She" may in fact be a "He."

I'm trying this out as an experiment.  I know it probably won't work, 
but it's something I kind of wanted to do just to see if it will work.
Laugh.  Go ahead....  Laugh.  :)
The eggs get turned at least twice a day, depending on if my 
children decide to help me that day.  :eye roll:

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