Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Hen or Foe? Part I

Over the course of September, I had a spell go through my flock, and I lost more than half my flock. To this point, I still don't know what happened. Before the weekend, I had 9 chickens. Of all of my hens, Only 5 survived. My count is now Domino and Half Pint (Mottled Houdans), Bandit (EE cockerel), Joan and Elisabeth (Columbian Wyandotte pullets), Skye (Blue Copper Maran), Labelle (Golden Polish cockerel, supposed to be a hen), Little Henny (Silkie Pullet), and Angel (a Columbian Wyandotte that was suppose to be a hen...).
I've been debating on butchering Angel because he's too aggressive with Domino, I'm not really sure if he thinks Domino is a Pullet or what. Angel also chases after my 6 year old son, and One of the reasons I chose the breed was for their docile nature.  Not to mention, I just have too many Roos for such a small flock. I plan on ordering more hens in the spring, but it's going to take a while before they can grow up enough to even out the ratio. 
I can say I love love love! my Houdans. They are so friendly, they literally beg to be held, jump in my lap, roost on me, and Domino gets jealous if any one else is being held. I will be getting more Houdan Hens for sure in the spring.

Over the weekend, I picked up four 2-week old chicks. I hope I picked pullets. I haven't given them names yet, and I'm not sure what I should name them. They are just misfits that are just completely adorable. I believe they are all RIR (Rhode Island Red) mixes.

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