Sunday, January 5, 2014

Hens or Foes, Part II

  I finally got the pictures uploaded for public viewing.  Enjoy these beauties as I take you through the new journey.  Included are some pictures of the older flock as well as the little babies. Next weekend will have another addition, but we don't need to count our chickens just yet, haha!  :)
The little babies are enjoying getting to stretch their wings a little.

Karma isn't quite sure what to think of the little ones running around
 Labelle in all his glory!  We should be adding a couple of ladies for him soon.

Photo bomb!  Oh, Joan.  You silly girl.

What's this I have in my hoodie?

Half`Pint!  Got to love that girl.  :)

Labelle Fro time!

Babies second day out, stretching their wings a bit.

Poppet wants to eat them.  We had a moment of panic, but it was resolved without mishap.

This little girl was having some out time issues, so I put her back in her pen.
Chicks are social creatures and hate to be alone.  This little but is no different.
She chirped loudly until the others were brought back too.

Poppet went to her crate for some reflection time.
The chicks were much more relaxed.

Rose was very sweet. The chicks didn't really trust her though.

Domino and Labelle checking out the red baby chick

I think Little Red is confident enough with Mommy around

Half Pint really didn't want much to do with Little Red

Domino coming back

Baby Chicks, up close


Wild Thing


Little Red

Aren't her wings beautiful?

Chicken Take Over!
The older crowd loves this chair so much, they don't poop on it.  


Look at him Crow!

The end.  I hope you enjoyed these pictures as much as I did taking them.  God bless you all!

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