Thursday, April 10, 2014

Fun in the Sun for Everyone

I took every one out for some time in the sun, even the little chicks hiding under the lawn chair.  They spent the better part of the afternoon just basking, pecking, and lounging.

Poppet felt left out in the back yard so she decided to join us by sticking her nose out from under the porch.

She can't help herself.  ;)

I gave the Disney Ducks their big tub to splash in and gave the smaller ducklings the smaller tub.  I think they liked it.

The kids got to enjoy some time out too (like most days).  For the most part, the little KCs ignored the little monsters with gangly appendages.

Well, some one was getting sleepy.  It's a hard life as a chicken living on our farm.

Rocky was a bit miffed I disturbed her slumber.  Hey!  It wasn't my fault everyone kept walking on her to get away from the camera.

The pretty birds have come out to be photographed.  The kids went inside for some TV.  Explains everything.

This is a good picture of my wind chime Terra picked out.

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