Thursday, April 10, 2014

What Spring Will Bring

I have some sad news to share.  Last week something dug under the little coop and took both of my new Houdan chicks along with my Olive Egger.  I was so upset about the whole ordeal and we set a live trap to catch the thing.  So far we caught two chickens and a possum.  I guess it was the possum that got my chicks, so it was taken out quickly with a 22. rifle.  To be sure nothing else will get it, we reset the trap and set concrete blocks all inside the little coop and covered it with straw.

Ravyne stuck in the trap.

I still have 9 chicks from the two hatchery order, and I recently put my first EE hatchlings out with them bringing my number back up to 12.  The hatchery chicks picked on the EE hatchlings to the point of bleeding, so I brought them back inside in the brooder, and when the next set get old enough to be taken out, I'll put them all out at once to add some numbers.  It would be six instead of three.

This beautiful girl is one of the EE hatchlings.  Obsidian.

I believe this is the very first hatchling, Caramel.

The third EE hatchling, Angel.  I think Angel may be a cockerel, but I plan on breeding him if he is indeed a cockerel.

Obsidian is probably the most anti-social of the group, rivaling Buff Orpington.  

Chick Butt.  I didn't close the door all the way, creating just enough space for them to stick their heads through to peck the grass.  The chicks get bullied by the hippies, so I limit their outside time.

Back to Front:  EE, Welsummer, Jersey Giant

Luke likes to come out with me to visit the chicks.  There's not a whole lot floor space that doesn't have poop on it, so we had to squish together.

The Disney ducks come in at night, but for the most part, they get to stay outside in their pen.  The KCs have a bigger tub now and have much more space.

My spot to enjoy watching the chicks run around.

The temporary duck enclosure.

 Poppet likes to mess with them.  :)

The risks of duck keeping.

The enjoyable moments of duck keeping.

Ducky isn't pure white any more.  This means she is not a pure Bali.  She's an Indian Runner mix.  She's pretty though.

I have finally taken the plastic off the coop.  It lets in the breeze, and the rain...  But they like it much better this way.

Ravyne just after laying an egg.  Yeah, that's a poopy nesting box.  I can't keep them clean.  The younger bunch hop in there and roost at night, leaving poop in their wake.

Karma eating like a bird.  She eats the dropped seeds.

My strawberry planter is an old kiddie pool that has cracks in them.  I added a few more cuts to help drain excess water.

My Black Prince tomato plant.  Terry bought me a large green pot to put it in so it doesn't have to be put out in the garden.  I need to get some potting dirt to plant it.

We took the little chicks and the KCs outside for some play time.  They enjoyed being able to stretch out their wings, but they didn't quite like sharing their food together.

Silver Laced Wyandotte was the most aggressive towards the ducklings.

Luke wanted to take a picture of me.

Rocky, the Barred Rock, wanted to mingle with the ducklings.  She kept following the KCs around since they always kept together and didn't segregate.  I think Rocky wanted to be a part of a group.  ;)

There she goes again.  What she doesn't get is the KCs are running away from her.

The Welsummer is the most "mothering" to the little baby chicks.


Karma sticking in the shade.

The most recent hatchling (Bandit x Columbian Wyandotte)

The ducks wanted to play on the phone.  That's just food, not poo.  X-D

The best picture of the mothering Welsummer.

The chicks back at the coop. are getting a bit of out time.

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