Thursday, May 8, 2014

Sold, New Additions, First Egg +

To start, we have two additions.  One is a Red Sex-Link, and the other is a Silver Laced Wyandotte.  They are both laying, and they both came from somewhere different.  The SLW had a bad habit of pecking feet.  Not her feet, but the feet of the other chickens  Sorry for such a gruesome image, but it was pretty bad. As you can imagine, this became a serious problem, so I took her, thinking a change of scenery and a chance to free range would give her other things to think about.  It's been a few days, and I haven't seen any evidence of her doing it to any of mine.  The poor Ameraucana this foot belongs to is doing much better with only a slight limp. 

The Ameraucana had been pecked on multiple times.  This is her other foot that is already scarred over.

When I brought Chemi (SLW) home, it took her a bit to get used to the new area.  She has figured out her place fairly quickly.

Though it did take her a little while to figure out where she should lay her egg...  gross...

"Are you serious?"

Checking each other out.

This is Red.  She's a character.  The Red Sex-Link was the last survivor in her last flock.  A sly fox managed to get in, and she was the only one left (though with a little limp for a few days).  She didn't feel safe where she was any more, so I took her in, and she is much happier now.

Alright, alright.  So who did I sell?  I sold three, and I will soon sell four more.  First, the ones that I have already sold:  Skye the Blue Maran, one of the Black Jerseys, and the younger Welsummer.  What will I sell?  A New Hampshire Red, the younger Silver Laced Wyandotte, the little Red Sex-Link, and MAYBE an Easter Egger.  Either an EE or maybe the black Polish...  Probably the Polish.  She's kind of mean.  LOL


This is probably the best pictures I have gotten of my Olive Eggers since they have acclimated to their coop.  They are both about 23 weeks old and I finally got my first egg from them today!  I'm not sure which one made it for me, but I'm sure the other will follow suit in the next few days.

Feathered feet.  Strangely not very feathered...

This probably isn't the best picture I could have taken...

The Other Chickens

Poof and Red


Bandit, now the only cockerel in the coop

Three of the girls

So where are the other boys?  Doesn't matter.  Why are they gone?  For the sake of my girls!  Look what over-breeding has done to the back of my wyandottes!  Poor girls...

Poof has become broody, so I switched my older group of chicks into the big coop and put her in the little one.  Go figure, she decided not to be broody any more....  Poo...

Older chicks: Jersey and dark-headed EE

Middle group chicks: 2 EEs, my first hatchlings.

Jersey and Spaz.

Daisy (Buff Orpington).  
It was either Daisy or Sunny, and I'm not a big fan of "Sunny."

There's Dora!
Jersey, Dora, and Red

Spaz is actually about to venture out of the coop!


She changed her mind...
But here are the Salmon Faverolles.

One of my favorites!  I never named her, but she's the sweetest
of all my young chicks, the Barred Rock.

So what about the ducks?

Sadly, Ducky met a duck-eating creature the other night...  He did not survive.  The others are doing well, however, and are being kept in a more secure location.  Both Disneys and KCs have completely integrated, and I am looking for my next batch of girls.  I need more girls to even this out (not to mention I plan to eat one or two of the drakes). 

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