Sunday, August 3, 2014

Late Summer Hatch: The Beginning

Now we know for sure Jersey is a layer.  Ironically, she is the largest chicken and lays the smallest egg.

Labelle's babies are due to hatch this week.  I had two that were due today.  One, it is assumed, started peeping, and Myrtle and Labelle fought over it, giving me this...

The chick survived this for many hours, but eventually dried out when it broke through the lining.  There was a suggestion to put it in the incubator with the humidity turned high.  If this happens again, I'll be sure to remember the advice and try it.

When I went out this morning to check, I discovered the stiff remains of the above egg and a live chick.  The live chick looks like her blue brother hatched by Poof.


Under the building, every one prefers to spend their time taking dirt baths.

Daisy prefers to take naps in their pool.

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