Monday, October 13, 2014


I've had a few deaths, and it's very devastating, and way too heartbreaking to me....  They either happened because of other people or something I can't name.  This post is to honor their memories.  If chickens go to Rainbow Bridge, I hope these guys are there.  Skipper could use feathered farm animals to herd.

The beautiful blue EE who's eggs were a beautiful mint blue was found laying in the floor of the coop one morning.  I have no idea what happened to her...  She had no name, though I often called her Blue.  It didn't really stick, but I couldn't think of a name that matched her.  She was a bit skittish, but she was still one of my favorites.

A neighbor's dog got out and chased my chickens.  She killed Barb, my sweet Barred Rock, and she scared Angel so bad, she flew over the field behind my house, and I didn't realize she didn't didn't come back until the evening....
 Left: Angel

Angel was the very first hatchling I ever hatched out it my incubator.  She had two other siblings who passed from a fox about a month before her.  I hope those guys are also waiting on the other side.  (Don't judge my sentimentality for my chickens!)  ;)

I have two eggs who came from the same person Angel came from plus eggs out of one of my mother's girls who looks a lot like Angel.  I'm hoping I get another girl similar to Angel.

Right: Barb
Barb, my sweet Barb...  She was one of the few who wouldn't mind my picking her up.  <3

It is thanks to Barb that I will be buying more Barred Rocks in the future.  

Labelle hatched out 8 eggs.  Two were mine, and I kept them for Labelle to raise, both pullets.  Lucky me!  Until tragedy struck...  Something attacked and succeeded in killing one of the babies and Labelle.  LABELLE!  She was arguably the most awesome chicken ever...  

There are also more Polish in the next chick order....  Polish are excellent layers (the ones I have had, anyway), and they are super comical.

Sadly, I have no pictures of Labelle's baby.  She was a gray OE mix between Bandit and Myrtle.

Dory...  I didn't really know what Dory was.  She could be a Rouen or a Mallard, though I suspected the latter.  She had been flying 6-7' about once or twice a day either because something startled her or she was excited about food.  The thing about Mallards, they fly...  Not just a few yards across the yard, but they are migratory WILD ducks that usually end up flying away with their flock, but the Pekins I have don't, and they are the only flock she knows.

The kids didn't close the door all the way, Poppet (the sighthound!) found the door cracked, she slipped out, and Dory flew away...  She hasn't returned, and I'm in a huff about it...  She could be dead, or she may have just flown away never to return.  I'm hoping she is alive and just discovered her natural routes, but I was reminded why I never want to buy an unknown again.

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