Monday, October 13, 2014

We need some Good News!

I have 23 eggs in the incubator right now, all are EE mixes.  Tomorrow they will have been in incubation 14 days and are due to hatch next Tuesday on the 21st with them going on lockdown on the 18th.  I don't think all 23 will hatch, though I am hopeful.  I have already had to throw out 2 for lack of fertility.

As I stated in the last post, there will be another order in the spring with Polish, Barred Rocks, and maybe some EEs and maybe a Phoenix or two.  I have decided no more ducks, though I never know until I see them.  I have problems controlling my impulses (associated with OCD, I'm still fighting).  Now, I'm not so sure how good that news is, but it's not bad news so it's good news.

Our numbers are still going strong, even though we lost several, we added a few new faces.  Three Silkies, actually.  Names are still pending, but they are beautiful.  I picked up Cinnamon, Goldie, and No Name last week.  I have no idea what their history is, other than their pens were dirty because No Name is stained...  gross...  Don't confuse No Name with Poof.  They are the same variety, but not the same chicken.  ;D

 I was thinking about buying more Silkies because they are natural broodies.  They go broody often, and they are excellent mothers saving me time and the headache of having to get the temperature and humidity just so.  When these guys came available, I immediately jumped at the chance.  I may be getting a rooster to breed Silkies, though it would be for my purposes, not to breed to make money or anything.  I find Silkies have a good use on my "farm," and I plan to use that use to it's fullest.

Remember last post, I said I kept two of Labelle's hatchlings, and one of the hatchlings as well as Labelle perished?  Well, that left the other little baby all alone.  She didn't mix well with Poof's babies.  They pick on her and the poor girl was all alone.  Well, that first night I went out to put everyone up, and that little girl has taken up with the new Silkies, more with Cinnamon.

Labelle's baby and Cinnamon

The new Silkies have been free ranging with the others during the day, and they just seem so happy but at the same time confused.  It's as if they are thinking, "This must surely be a dream."  They are so sweet!

  The other bigger chickens are doing well, and they haven't shown me any signs that would say otherwise.

Here are some pictures to show some of the younger faces in their grown-up feathering.


 The Salmon Faverolle features a couple of guests as photo-bomb outcry.  Chemi, the SLW on the left is flashing her fan, and Lavender Orpington is showing off his comb.
One of the Wonder Twins is gracing us with her presence.

 Cluck Norris is an OE I bought with the Maran and Blue (posted in past post).  His color has grown in so nicely, I can't see myself getting rid of him before breeding.
Red.  Oh, Red!  She's the best production-bred chicken I have ever met.  She is so people friendly, she lets me pick her up, take her to the coop, get any eggs that may be laying underneath her.  I doubt I'll ever breed her or even buy another, but I'm not going to say I won't or never will because I don't know what my impulsive decisions will make me get another in the future.  Breeding them is not an option because she is a sex-link that is a cross between two different breeds, and they do not breed true.

Ducks!  My wonderful white ducks...  Nemo, Daisy, and Donald are laying out, enjoying the peaceful weather.  It stormed later, but they don't mind that either.  You'll see one of the Phoenixes in the background.  They have grown to be be very unique.  They are also pretty friendly, though they don't like being touched, they love getting fed.  

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