Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Babies

I didn't get many pictures of the chicks in the last post, so I thought I'd make up for lost photos.  :)

The youngest group are OEs.  They just went into the brooder yesterday afternoon, and they didn't much like getting out of their new surroundings yet.

 Everyone else seems to enjoy the outdoors, the sun, dust baths, and grass.

The Barred Rocks dust bathing.
 A Barred Rock seeing green.

This beauty is a Tolbunt Polish.  I believe this is a cockerel.

If you can see the difference, you can see both Polish in the back.  The one with the mohawk is the cockerel, and the one with the poof is the pullet.  I have named the pullet after Labelle, for she was as unique on the inside as this one is on the outside.

Reach for the sky!

They are so calm, they don't give one hoot about Karma.  Karma is always with me when I'm around the front yard.

I have been sitting here taking pictures for at least ten minutes before I realize this girl is pecking around me.  She is careful not to touch me, but I think she wants some attention too.  Sweet Phoenix girl.

Time to introduce the youngest Red girl.  I think she's the same breed as my other production girl.

Her attitude is about the same too.

No matter their color, they are getting along well in this younger flock.  Barred Rocks, Polish, EEs, and Silkies are my main focus breeds.  The others I have their moments too, like the Phoenix girls, NH Reds, and the Productions.  I couldn't live without the main breeds though.

This picture though, makes me smile.  Until I put the SD card in the computer, I didn't realize what was in the background.  ::HEART::  

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