Sunday, May 8, 2016

Broody Pictures, and Crazy Chickens

Mama Hens all over!  I finally got pictures of all my broody girls, and we'll start off with the mamas.

This Mama has recently been named Cookies 'N Cream.  She decided to go broody yesterday.  She was the most docile to transfer in, since no other of the broody hens wanted to sit in the transport bucket (the feed bucket I was using put the bantams in when taking them to their broody cages).  She has three Barred Rock pullets that she took well.

 This is Frenchy, also recently named.  She has two Golden Laced Polish, one White Crested Black Polish, and one Speckled Sussex under her.  She has had chicks under her since Wednesday, when the order of chicks were delivered.

 Gray Girl, recently named Fish (and will likely be forgotten and renamed to Gray Girl), still has four Speckled Sussex, three unknown, and a single Black Sex-Link.  The bantam chick passed away not long after we got it.  Not sure what happened.  It was listless and refused to perk up.

She had her first full day of free range, and promptly showed her babies how to take a dirt bath.

Myrtle has several chicks hatched from my own coop.  They are all sired by a Black Copper Marans (BCM) and they hatched from blue/green eggs.

This Phoenix is broody, sitting on 4 green eggs (from Myrtle and the BCM roo).  They should hatch in another week.

These two ladies, a d'Uccle and Black Japanese Bantam are broody but don't have eggs under them.  If there are more than one broody hen, they will fight over the nest, possibly breaking eggs in the process, so no eggs until a broody cage becomes available.

This is the on again-off again broody Buff Japanese Bantam.  She was on the eggs that are now under the broody Phoenix.

My current favorite chicken, a Silver Spangled Apenzeller Spitzhauben named 

Black Copper Marans pullet and Crested Cream Legbar (blue egg layer) pullet.

Buff Laced Polish running around with an egg shell.

Little Mister and his cute self.

Crested Cream Legbar close-up 

The guys in the outside brooder have been doing a bit of free ranging, if you want to take it so far as to call it that.  They seem to be happy getting to sun when the clouds aren't hiding it, but they refuse to leave the porch.

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