Tuesday, June 7, 2016

May Update

Aside from the sells (just sold 2 Polish chicks, Pekins pending, Buffs pending, Speckled Sussex pending, 1 or 2 Ameraucana cockerels pending, Blue Ameraucana pair pending), the rest of the farm is doing beautifully.  I need to mow, pretty badly, and I need to work on cleaning up the yard (a weekend activity coming), T-Bone has been banded today so NO chances of early pregnancy.  Hoorah!

Bambi is adorable, as always.

This gale, no name, has an old injury.  She has a slipped tendon, and we aren't sure what to do.  I tried popping it back into place, but it has already healed, and I do not have the professional means to help, so I called around, and we have a vet appointment set up for her.  Hopefully we can get her fixed up.

We have an amazing group of adolescence.  Several are staying, though at some point, some will be chosen to be sold.  I finally found a Cochin I adore, this little girl.  

Sablepoot (Sable-Poot) the Sablepoot (pronounced Sah-Blay-Pooh), also known as a Dutch Booted Bantam.

Popeye, the one-eyed Polish.

Little Mister.  He's the sweetest little cockerel in the world.

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