Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Sale Post

Working on selling some chicks and juviniles to make some room and lighten my load a bit.  Three Ameraucanas are gone, still have five left (Blue Wheaten, Wheaten, and White) at $5 each.

And a Blue pair (pullet and cockerel), though I'm not sure for how much to sell them for....
cockerel pullet

All these chicks.... 15 total (plus one Cornish x Rock I just didn't have the heart to butcher)

I'll likely post more.  I have about 55 chickens, and I need to get down to about 30.  If I can sell all the ones listed, I'll be pretty close to my goal number.  I hope I can get there soon....

I sold 2 goslings, and I'm selling 6 ducks, 3 Buffs and 3 Jumbo Pekin.  Afterwards, I'll be down to just 4 geese and 1 duck.

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