Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Farm Fowl Fun

The chickens love their free ranging time.  Sadly, the weather hasn't permitted too much enjoyable out time lately....  These pictures were taken this past Friday, when the weather was nice.  The kids got to play with a kite, though the wind kept changing directions so there was no actual kite flying.

The birds are still loving their feeders and bath, too.  Not even the kids could scare them away.

The ducklings are getting bigger!  They are losing their baby down, leaving bald patches in random places.  Nemo has a bald belly, Daisy (Pekin) has a naked neck, and Squirts wings and parts of her back are a little bald.  :)  They are cute!  Nemo is getting stronger as the days fly by.  She actually enjoyed this bath, ducking and splashing.

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