Thursday, March 20, 2014

Relief at last!

I got six eggs today!  This is the most eggs I have gotten in one day!  I put a Maran egg in there for comparison.  The Maran egg is about the same size as a store-bought.  

The past couple of days, Half-Pint has been acting oddly.  She would find a place and just stand there, not moving, not coming to me like she always does.  She just seemed...  I don't know how to explain it.  She just wasn't herself.  I've never seen her lay an egg, and I was worried she was egg bound.  Well, now I know why she was acting all pathetic.  She's probably about the same size as my Polish, and she dropped an egg the same size egg as my Maran lays...  Just WOW!  

I posted pictures of my eggs I gathered today.  Skye did not lay an egg, so the dark brown of hers is from yesterday.  The top left egg is what Half-Pint dropped.  The pictures show the coloration accurately.  It's a gray-ish tan/khaki?  The bottom left egg is from my Silkie Poof.  This is the third egg Poof has layed so far.  Directly opposite of Skye's egg you will see two cream-colored eggs.  Wyandotte eggs.  To the right of the Wyandotte eggs, you will see the White eggs that come from my Polish girls.  The Wyandottes have been laying well in the colder weather, so I plan to get a few more.  The Polish have also been laying well the past few weeks.  I once read that Polish are poor layers, but mine have been laying better than my Maran!  

Eggs hatching!  
So far the tally is four.  Two Silkies, one RIR mix, and one Wyandotte mix (mine).  

The yellow-faced one in the top right is mine.  I'm really hoping it's a girl.  I will name her Angel, and hopefully we won't have to eat her.  

Temporary Duck Pen!
I set up an old ex-pen with a plastic tub full of water.  I put a small brick in the tub so they can get out and a few small bricks on the outside so they can easily get in.  The piece of wood is an old, warped piece that doesn't serve much of a purpose so I set it up as a little lean-to with their food and water bowl under it for some shade.

Daisy figured out the water tub and started using it after the first hour of yelping at me.  It took them a long time to figure out they can move around and get their food and water.  As long as the weather allows, I plan to put them out again tomorrow.

Spring is here!

And the bees are buzzing.  I get a lot of honey bees.  If I could get away with it, I would have my own bee-keeping experience, but Terry is allergic to bees and won't let me.  Granted, being allergic is a good reason to not get any, but if we have tons in our yard anyway, why not?  Eh, oh well.  

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