Saturday, March 15, 2014

KCs, Disney, Cockerels, The Girls

I went to Tractor Supply yesterday to see about buying some pine shavings.  When I go in, I always have to see their chicks and ducklings.  I just do it.  Well, they didn't have the pine shavings, but they did have a couple of ducklings.  I don't remember if I had mentioned it before, but I have been wanting some Khaki Campbell ducks ever since I read about them in "Storey's Guide to Raising Ducks."  

Well, guess what TSC had.  

TA-DA!  Khakie Campbells!
Three ducklings left, and they were all KCs.  I bought them.   As far as I can tell, two hens and a drake.  I am very pleased.

The Disney Ducklings, as I call them, are growing like weeds.  Daisy is now twice the size of my 5 week old chicks.  Ducky is about the same size, and Nemo isn't too far behind them.  

Nemo was voicing his opinion.  None of them care very much about being separated from the others.

Here you can see his legs are still a little splayed, but they are getting a lot stronger.  Obviously he can stand straight and walk fairly easily.  He obviously isn't too shy to say what he really thinks.

Ah, sweet, sweet Daisy.  She's probably learned the most of how to communicate with me.  She's the tallest so she can see when I come into the room.  As soon as I'm in sight, she'll start talking to me until I figure out what she wants.  If the food and water is still good, she wants some exercise in the bath tub.

Ducky is the best cuddler.  It takes her a minute to stop crying for her flock-mates, but she'll settle down and nest in my lap.  The best part is she doesn't poop on me.

The cockerels are now old enough to be sold.  They are very pretty, but I don't need any more cockerels, plus I need to make room for the older girls.

I posted pictures of Red on BYC since I can't be sure if it's a pullet or a cockerel.  I'm certain the other three are really cockerels.  This one is just...  I don't know... Feminine?  I'm getting 50/50 answers on the gender, so Red is just Red for now.  The certain cockerels will be sold soon, or they will be sitting in my freezer.  Either way keeps money in my pocket.  This one will be kept until she lays an egg or he crows. 

Here are my 5 week old girls.  It is amazing how confusing the breeds are when they first arrive.  Remember Blondie, the Blonde EE?  Turns out she's no where near an EE.  She's a Red Sex-Link.  Meyer calls them Golden Buffs.  She was supposed to be the Meyer Meal Maker, but Erin is letting me keep her.  SCORE!  She's going to be very pretty.  :

This girl is a Welsummer.  My other is lost some where amongst Erin's flock but I kind of owe her a chick or two until my Olive Egger is found...

Suspected Speckled Sussex...  SS, here, was mistaken as a Welsummer as a chick.  Our defense, they looked like they could have been twins.

My Jersey girls love perching on the side of their tub.  They only move between the tubs, so I'm not worried about loose chickens all over the house.  When they start walking around on the floor, I'll make some adjustments.

As mentioned before, I put trash bags under the shavings as a liner.  Obviously these chicks don't care why it's there, they just move it out of the way.

Salmon Faverolles.  They are unique and so pretty.  They are really taking things into stride.  They are very docile and sweet.  They do tend to get a little bullied by the others, but since I gave them two tubs, it's been a lot better.  They just wanted more room.

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