Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Clean Coop

It's that time of year again where Chicken Fever runs rampant through the backyard chicken owners.  I only have about two weeks before my chick orders get in, and I'm so excited!  I was so excited, I just HAD to add two more chicks.  I couldn't help myself.  What did I add?  Should I say?  I'll stop the suspense.  ;)  Two Black Jersey Giant Pullets!  YES!  Of course, I can't make a post without adding pictures of my last year's group.  If you haven't noticed, Domino is a bit of a photo-bomber.  He just INSISTS he HAS to be in ever single picture. 

Beautiful MS Labelle.  


Bandit (EE)

Here comes Domino...


This is a newbie.  She is a Blue Splash Silkie.  She was 
brought in with a Partridge Silkie Roo (not pictured).  
Sadly, there is something going on with her back, and 
her future looks grim.





Joan, Labelle, Half-Pint, and Skye's butt

Domino insisted, again, to get in on the group shot

Nesting boxes

Ravyne, Buff (The BAYNE of my existance  ;~D ) and Silkie

Silkie, the paint Silkie  She's just adorable!

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