Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Hen or Foe? Part III

Put simply, all four of the 4 week old chicks are cockerels... Cursing myself for real, but oh well.

Ash is my favorite because I love his color pattern.  I'm thinking he is a RIR x Barred Rock, getting the barred color pattern.  I learned about Sex-Links after I bought these guys, so I'm kicking myself now.  Alas, it is my fault.  Maybe I will get a Barred Rock pullet later.  It's not like there aren't a ton around my area.

I call this guy Penguin.  He just reminds me of a Penquin.  Awe!  Still a cockerel...  Boo....  :)  Still cute though.

This is Red.  I was told he will look closer to what a RIR would usually look like.  He is another cool looking guy, but again, cockerel..  Bummer.

Last, but not least, Stew.  You read right.  Stew.  I just ran out of names.
I'm still not sure what I will be doing with these guys.  I may grow them out and put them in the freezer, or I may give them to a friend to throw out on her farm.  It's not like she doesn't have enough hens and room.  She's got a pretty big farm.  

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