Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Little Cockerels

   I had a Coumbian Wyandotte Cockerel named Angel who decided to put his big boy britches on and try to protect his flock against a 3 year old child.  No, he didn't do any damage, but I'm not letting it progress any further.  Long story short, I fixed rooster stew.  It wasn't that bad, to tell the truth, though I think we (meaning my husband and I) need to perfect our culling technique.

   Something tells me I'm going to get some practice in later this year with the little cockerels.  That is, if the big boys and girls will allow the little cockerels to live with them in their coop.  I took two of the babies (Red and Ash) out to the coop, and Elisabeth, Joan, Skye, and Domino just wouldn't relent on them.  Poor things.  Oh well, I guess the boys could live in the pasture if they had to.  

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