Tuesday, January 28, 2014


I got my first Wyandotte egg yesterday!  Joan was the brilliant layer of that beautiful cream-colored egg pictured.  It's a bit small, but that could be because it is her first one.  To compare, it is pictured with a store-bought egg.

I have also gotten a couple of eggs from (I think) Half-Pint.  It is also small (smaller than Joan's), and white.  The smaller white egg is it.  The brown egg is from Skye, the Blue Copper Maran, and the bigger white egg in the second picture is a typical, store-bought egg.  

Just wait until all of my girls are laying!  I'll be getting about 28 eggs a week (not counting Little Henny the Silkie). Don't forget, I still have 12 pullets coming in next week, and I have a bid on a dozen fertile eggs that should be delivered Friday if I win.  I'll probably end up selling some if I get too over-run with the hatched batch, and if all 12 pullets survive.  I always hope for the best but plan for the worst.  

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