Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I Want A Cow

If you didn't already know this, you do now.  I want a cow.  A family milk cow.  To be even more specific, I want a Jersey.  Why?  Well, who wouldn't want a chance to get fresh milk, make your own butter, sour cream, cream, and other dairy products?  If you don't, you just keep buying it like you have been doing. Or not buying, whatever.  To make it complete, I would also enjoy a couple of milk goats to make my own different cheeses.  The book listed below is just the thing to get me started.  Why am I posting this on my chicken blog?  Because I will eventually have a cow, and I already have three other blogs to keep up with.  I don't need another so The Hippie Chicks will just have to share the spotlight with a cow and eventually a couple of dairy goats.  I haven't decided quite yet on what breed of goat, but I haven't gotten my cow yet.  I don't need to get ahead of myself.  I'm a not yet a planner.  I'm still in the dreamer phase.  :)

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