Sunday, January 12, 2014

Labelle and Her (?) New Friends

When I initially ordered my Golden Laced Polish, I only wanted Pullets.  About 8 weeks old, I realized that aptly Labelle may be a cockerel.  When Lady Marmalade died, that left Labelle being the only Polish in the group, and since he was the only of his breed, and cockerels can become tense if there aren't enough pullets to go around, I decided to jump at the chance to buy two Polish hens from out of town.  It was a bit of a drive, but it was a fun drive for Terra and me to take with my mom and my friend Erin.  We brought home a Buff Laced Polish hen and a White-Crested Black Polish hen.  They will be two years old this spring, I was told, and are layers of large white eggs.  Once I saw the Buff Laced Polish hen, I began to doubt Labelle was a cockerel.  I know I have never heard him crow, so I thought I would do some asking on my favorite chicken information source:  It turns out I had it wrong all along.  Labelle is a pullet!  I KNOW, RIGHT?  WOOT!!!!

So, pictures.  Labelle's pictures are probably repeats, but I don't care.  Every one loves Labelle.  BWAHAHA!

The new girls, Buff and Kettle 

On another note, I will say good bye to Angel, the Columbian Wyandotte cockerel.  He decided to try and attack my darling daughter while she was holding her chicken (the Paint Silkie hiding under the bench in the above photo).  I do not tolerate any aggressive behaviors, so he is now in my freezer.

It also looks like all four of the 4 week olds I bought two weeks ago are cockerels...  bummer...  but I suppose that just means more meat in my freezer.  Since I had Labelle labeled wrong, I will make sure by checking with BYC people.  :)  My PEEPS!

Last update for now: Erin and one of my cousins ordered from Murray McMurray and Meyer hatcheries.  This is my list (add two Houdans from McMurray and 1 more Welsummer).  I may call and order Buff Orpingtons, but I am undecided.

If all are pullets, I will have two roosters (since I'm not keeping any above if they are cockerels) and fifteen hens.  I like those odds.

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