Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Brooder Set-Up

I took some pictures of my brooder.  It is very basic, very easy to put together, and very cheap.  I had an old ex-pen I once used for puppies, and the storage was too moist and cause the pen to rust, so I took two panels off and use them as the roof.  I have a very small bungee cord with two hooks for the food and water dishes that have eye-hooks on the top to keep shavings out of the dishes.  Below the shavings, I have plastic bags so the plastic tote won't ruin or get chicken poop suck in the bottom.  I've had to scrub to get it out before, and it can become quite a chore.  The savings keep the chick smell down, so long as the tub isn't over populated.  I would say 13 little chicks is perfect.  When I had 15, it seemed like every other day the smell became over whelming.  By the time the chicks get to be about 5 or 6 weeks old, then they need to separate into two large tubs or be put in a larger outside brooder (draft free).     

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