Monday, February 3, 2014

eBay Hatching Eggs

I had two bids up.  One was for Ameraucana + Lavender Orpington mix.  I was outbid at the last minute.  Poot...  But just before I was outbid, I won a different Ameraucana batch.  The bid was for 6+ Chestnut/Wheaten Ameraucana eggs.  All were delivered without any being crushed.  I have them setting right now in a carton until tomorrow afternoon.  After about 24 hours has elapsed, the eggs will be transferred to the incubator.  I have the incubator set up so I can keep the temp and humidity constant.

Anyway, after I received the eggs, I had five blue-green eggs, a green egg, and a pink egg.  Yes, a pink egg.  Guess what.  Ameraucanas ONLY LAY BLUE EGGS!  This means these eggs are not purebred Ameraucanas.  I sent a message to the seller and asked about the "pink" egg, and they assured me they were indeed pure Ameraucanas that often lay light brown eggs.  The Ameraucanas did come from a hatchery though.  AHA!  I think to myself.  That explains it all.  What a lot of people don't know is, when a hatchery sells Ameraucanas, they are actually selling Easter Eggers.  An Easter Egger is a chicken that has a blue egg-layer somewhere in its pedigree, but it is mixed with something else, which gives the probability of laying a brown or olive egg.  I wasn't mad at getting EE eggs in the mail because I love EEs.  I even have some ordered from Meyer Hatchery along with an Olive Egger (OE).  The whole thing is an experiment anyway just to see if it is justifiable to order any more through the mail, and the eggs themselves where cheap.  I gave them my opinion (giving them the benefit of the doubt) that they should state in their description the eggs are not purebred Ameraucanas, or say the parents were from a hatchery to save them any head ache in the future.  They ignored me, of course, which tells me they know good and well what they are selling.  I still gave them a good review, but I made sure to make a comment the eggs were not pure because they lay pink eggs.  It was hard to decide which picture was best so I chose them all.

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