Tuesday, February 18, 2014

First Full Day Free Range

Starting from about 11:00 and up until about 2:45, and everyone, Terra and me included, enjoyed it.  I even let Buff out to free range, and was please she didn't run off at the first opportunity.  When I initially let every one out, I sat and visited with the chickens, cleaned out their water, and went back to get my camera.  As I came out with the camera, Bandit, Skye, and Elisabeth ran to greet me.  There were wanting a treat (preferably a grasshopper, though they aren't exactly in abundance right now).

 Once they realized I had nothing for them, they went on their merry way.

I set up the pen for the little baby chicks, but I decided not to try that since they are small enough to squeeze through the bars.

Ravyne is laying an egg, and Elisabeth is all up in her business because she needs to lay an egg too.

As soon as the egg dropped, Elisabeth started attacking Ravyne to claim to box, and I had to push her out of the box so Ravyne to get a breath in.  I don't know about you, but when I had babies, I wanted a little break.  ;p

A small gathering between Labelle, Buff, Domino, and I think that's Joan.

Ravyne decided to join the fray making the Polish Trio complete

 Terra playing in the yard.  She may not be a chicken, but she is a Momma's Little Chicken Helper.

Poof (Paint Silkie) and Ash (RIR mix cockerel)

The cockerels getting out to stretch.

As I was walking in the house to fix some lunch, the cockerels said they wanted to come too.

Blue (OE) and Ash just outside the coop.  The young ones don't really like going very far from the coop.

Ravyne, in all her glory.  I don't think she is the prettiest Polish, but she is sweet and has started laying, so I'm pretty happy with her.

Bandit keeping watch over his flock.  He is the dominant of the two roosters, and does not allow Domino breeding rights any more.

Buff flaunting her stuff.  She is going to a new home this weekend, so I took a couple of pictures of her for the new owner.  I think she is very beautiful, but she is not productive, and she is spastic around people.  After having to chase her down twice, I don't want to chance it happening again.  I will, however, buy another Buff Polish later this year so I will have another pretty girl like her.

Blue (OE) resting in the coop, enjoying a little alone time from the other hectic moments a full coop entails.

Splash (OE) taking advantage of no lines at the buffet.

Stew (one of the two)


Ash flapped his wing.  NO MORE PICTURES, PAPARAZZI!

As always, enjoy the pictures and have a Blessed Day!

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