Wednesday, February 26, 2014

First Hatch! Part III

Today is day 23, and the total count on live chicks is three.  Out of 7 shipped eggs, it's not horrible odds, and I would buy them from the same person on eBay again.  Out of the seven, two were not fertile (or may have been, but the stress of shipping jarred them too badly to develop), so that left a possibility of 5, and I had four chicks hatch.  One died not long after the hatch, but I lived and now I know I need more experience.  The little ones are doing well, we still have 13 3-week-olds, and of course the three little ducklings.

Here are the hatchlings!

Today I put in 18 barnyard mix eggs for my friend, 8 bantam mixes for a close friend of the family, and 4 eggs for myself:  two Blue Maran/EE mixes and two Columbian Wyandotte/EE mixes.  I wonder if I'm getting taken advantage of...  :clap I don't really care.  I love hatching out eggs.  :love

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