Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Ducklings Have Arrived!

So I got a heads up that Tractor Supply got a shipment of chicks and ducklings in.  Of course I just HAD to check out their ducklings.  I wasn't going to buy any since they have all of their ducklings in one big tub, and they are selling them as "assorted straight run only" so I didn't want to get a duck that may need more room than I have to offer.  Well, then I saw this one little duckling having a hard time.  It has some kind of leg problem where it can't walk very well on it's own without falling over and having issues getting back up.  I couldn't let the poor thing end up in worse conditions or possible death so I struck a deal with the manager to buy a couple and get that one too.

So now I'm home with the three little ducklings, Gimpy (a White Crested Duck), another White Crested Duckling, and one more I'm not sure of, but I'm waiting on answers to that.  I have some advice to give Gimpy some Niacin, swimming exercises for her leg to strengthen up, and TLC.  She should be okay, though may still have a gimp in her Gimpy self.  :)

Gimpy (White Crested)

Possibly Pekin? hen

2nd White Crested Duckling.  A bit lethargic, but we are working on that.

Here is a short video of little Gimpy.  I was given the advice of giving her Niacin, TLC, and some swimming time to help strengthen her legs.  I keep examining her to figure out why she has that disability, but I can't figure it out.  Both her legs just seem off.  The way they move, the way she holds them.  It could be because she's smaller than the other two and her feet are about the same size as the largest of the three.

My dad suggested Rickets, and it seems like he may be on to something...  Either way, I hope we can fix her up.

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