Monday, February 3, 2014

McMurray Order Recieved!

It was a long weekend, knowing that these chicks would be here today. I started getting worried Saturday evening because there wasn't another update.  I was really worried this morning because I had to call them at 8:30 a.m. trying to figure out where the order was.  Apparently, USPS didn't update the travel record.  The only reason it marks it as delivered was because the bar code has to be scanned at pick-up.  UGH!  Thanks USPS...  I don't blame McMurray for USPS.  We have 30 chicks total ordered between my cousin and my friend (and of course me).  12 Speckled Sussex, 12 Black Stars (+1 free extra), 2 Black Jersey Giants, 2 Mottled Houdans, and a free Rare Exotic Chick (hatchery choice turned out to be a Golden Laced Polish).  Of the 30 chicks, 3 died (2 Speckled Sussex and the Polish).  It happens.

Here is where the review comes in.  One plus is I received a text message and an e-mail stating the order has been shipped.  McMurray Hatchery (like many hatcheries) guarantees live arrival.  I called customer service regarding the three dead chicks and they reimbursed us for the lost chicks, even the free exotic, asked about the other chicks, and even commented on my laughing 11 month old child.  I enjoyed speaking to the representative.  She was very friendly.  I would very much enjoy ordering from them again, and even look forward to it.  

I am debating on making another order later this year for about three Golden Polish pullets.  I love my Labelle so much, I was looking forward to another when I saw the one included.  Well, bummer.  Of course that wouldn't be the only thing to order, which is where the contemplation comes in.

Here are the pictures to accompany the post.  You know I never play with chicks without taking pictures.  HAHA!  Of course, I have 8 chicks in my house, but I only took pictures of mine.  The 2 Houdan pullets and the 2 Black Jersey Giant pullets. 

(Jersey Giants)

(Mottled Houdans)

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