Sunday, February 16, 2014

What A Wonderful Weekend

Through the weekend, we have seen nicer weather than we have seen in the past month and a half.  Because of this, it has been much more enjoyable to sit outside and let the chickens free range for a while.

Terry is also building my second coop.  It is my breeding coop set-up for specific breeding pairs, duos, trios, etc.  It's turning out well, I think, and I am actually getting my design instead of "this is easier than that, blah, blah, blah."

Ah, what a great day to free range.

The black chicken is a Black Polish.  
She is some-what new, and this is her first time
to free range out of the coop.  I still don't trust
Buff because she is still too flighty.  I'm currently 
working on selling Buff so the rest can free range longer.

I named this Polish Ravyne.  She is supposed to be
a White-Crested Black Polish, but I see no white crest.

After having her for nearly a year, I finally found her perfect name.
......  POOF!!!


This is one of the young cockerels.  Look at that color.
He is so beautiful, I'm going to keep him to breed.

Misfit getting into trouble, like always...

Bandit next to my 12 week old Olive Egger Blue


Buff in all her glory


The little cockerels and the two OEs have formed their own little flock within the flock.  They still get picked on by the older chickens, but they figured out what they need to do to survive, and the older chickens will leave them along so long as the young-ons will stay out of the way.

Terry's first day working on my second coop.  It's just the frame, but it gets better.

My wonderful husband is putting shingles over the roof to make it more water and wind resistant.  

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